01horizon residence

Year : 2015

Area : 250.0 m2

Location: Estância Velha, Brazil

This project was development to a young couple. They asked to a big house to start they´re family. The house was developed on an ascending lot and the sharp angles was the challenges of this project.

Two blocks was created with intersection and the second floor with an incredible view to the valley.

02 multi residential

Year : 2017

Area : 970.0m2

Location: Canoas, Brazil

A project for multi residential houses for students, located near the University of the city of Canoas.

The challenge of this project was the tight budget in addition to full utilization of the construction index also the constrains of the Council of Canoas because of the Aeronautic of Brazil.

03  pool house

Year : 2018

Area : 126.0m2

Location: São Leopoldo, Brazil